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Scholarship Program

The 2i Foundation awards scholarships to selected applicants from a pool of qualified Bulgarian students accepted to study at universities abroad. Each scholarship is intended to support the student with the transition to a foreign university during his/her first year there. A prerequisite of the program is that the applicant is accepted to study at a university in the United States, UK, Germany or the Netherlands. The scholarships are awarded on a combination of merit and financial need.

Who benefits from our program
During the past three years we have witnessed a large number of talented and promising Bulgarian students many of whom came from underprivileged families.
  • 85% of our applicants had a GPA equivalent of 4.0.
  • 90% scored above the 95th percentile in their respective college admission tests
  • 11 applicants had won national or international competitions in sciences or humanities

On top of the academic achievements of the applicants we were impressed by their involvement in extracurricular activities and their creativity and communications skills demonstrated during the interview process.

How our program makes a difference?
To truly understand the value of our scholarship program it is important to evaluate it in the context of the economic reality in Bulgaria. In the past 20 years the country has undergone a transition from a communist regime to a democracy, but still remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Hence, pursuing higher education abroad is a tremendous or even impossible financial burden on students from average Bulgarian families.

These are some of the expenses a Bulgarian student and his family would face while studying in the US:

Economics textbook                     = 1/2 a monthly salary*
Airfare                                       = 3 monthly salaries
Computer                                   = 2 monthly salaries

Undergraduate studies (in the US)  = 50 ANNUAL salaries

* based on an average monthly salary of €250 in Bulgaria (2011)